Rejuvenation at 26

Another re-blog post. This has to make the cut. Like Gavin sings in one of the Dredg songs “…positivity breeds positive happenings…”. And this is a positive post.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rejuvenation at age 26

At times I feel frail and weak emotionally and other times I feel invincible, full of life and energy. Two days ago I returned from my trip to Mexico where I visited my older brother in Puebla. He hugged me after what has seemed longer than 6 years. It was great. My best friend, Jessica, came with me and embraced our unplanned trip. We both came into this trip with the hope of regaining independence, strength, and a new look on life. Yet, we both had our one moment of weakness. We had each other to confide in and to take in the scenery for whatever it made us feel and think of. The people that we encountered throughout our trip amaze me! To live life for what the world has to offer not for what you can offer to the world. That to me is amazing.


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