Embracing 2011

Whatever it may be that comes my way I will embrace it with an open mind. It’s a new year, with so much potential, just like all the others, of course. However, for me, this year is very different. I have made some very difficult decisions and experienced emotions I never thought I could this past year. I am a much happier person these days, and I always was, I just was not in a good environment.

As much as I will embrace the opportunities, challenges, and things that may come my way I’m also not going to wait for them to come around. With that, I’ve decided that this year, I will venture out into the local nooks of Jersey showcasing creative and talented people who do what they love. I’ll meet some new people. I’ll get to know more about the state I live in. I might also find something new to do. It’s cool that people travel around the world and experience completely different cultures. I’ve realized, though, that I don’t need to travel around the world to experience new things. Not yet, anyway. There is so much culture here in New Jersey. Yes, I am going to travel this upcoming year, but I won’t be going very far. I’ll be daytripping and perhaps grabbing a few a friends to come along with me, or making new friends to go along with.
I’m happy. I’m excited. There is much to do.

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