I imagine
A Freeing feeling
Intensely inviting
Big enough
With room just right
This little space
Big enough for two

I dream of space
But mostly, I dream of you.




In here
It can be the sour in the cake
It can be the numbing ease of the ocean
It can be the dry heat of Mexico
It can be the retraction in your step
It can be the strange little space I kept
It can be the lonely stain on your favorite shirt
It can be the soothing sound of years ago
It can be the moonlight feeling falling slow
It can be the caffeine buzz and glow
It can be the lightning love
It can be the taunting quiet unknown
It can be the gentle tapping far away
It can be the tugging tantrums of uncontrol.



“Please. Help me make dinner.” 

She curled her hair behind her ear and quietly brushed up her feet into her arms. She tilted her head very very slightly. And there was a sadness in her that suddenly jolted me. Because all she wanted of me were these small moments. And if I could go back I would give her my entire life. 

And then she said,”It’ll be fun.” And she smiled sweetly. 

  • C.E.