Black and White


Little Words

Little notes on
Little paper
I put in an envelope
To hide from you

And on and on
Life went on
Feeling right
In all the wrong


My friend

It’s when
Without saying
And your arm comes around me
You are my friend
You understand
And don’t wonder why
My thoughts weigh heavy
You help me carry on.

C. E.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

The morning after... #centralpark #eastharlem by Carespin
The morning after… , a photo by Carespin on Flickr.

Remember to Forget

That’s where we went
Into the cool night
Hoping to ease all the pain
Just a breath away from going insane

So dress light
Feel the air
Feel that chill
Making you alive

And remember
Not to miss me
Not to know me
Those memories we made
Too good to let go

Remember to forget

And like the night I’ll go away

- C. E.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond



This photo was taken by my older brother when I visited him in Puebla, Mexico. It’s astounding to see this and he snapped an awesome picture. I made some minor changes to it as far as the coloring after uploading but nothing else. I had to feature this for the theme “Beyond” as I think it fits perfectly.

Maybe One Day

You are absolutely beautiful to hear

I picture things by painting them with your voice

Just to see how it is you might see me

It starts in the midst of a morning sunrise

The light glowing in the air and your long black hair wisping in the wind

Ever so lightly sometimes brushing against my neck

And it’s all so warm and perfect

The gentleness of your gaze

The reflection of the world in your eyes

And before you even speak

Everything slows down

My heart lights up

Because I think I’ll know what you will say

My intrigue continues but looking no further

Just so that you might see me as I see you,

Maybe one day.

- C. E.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Hanging lights.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved


Hear me say

This is how thoughts run through my head and probably why it is difficult for me to say things so linearly to people so they can simply understand. There is so much more to just getting you to understand me. Perhaps I want you to figure me out.


I perfectly stood
And Still just
Waiting in the whether
Or not
To follow through
To not be misunderstood

Finding reason in the dark
Not with sight
Feelings bringing it to light

So bear this time
As I try to explain
These thoughts
So rightfully mine.

- C.E.


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